Green Vision Center™

Production & Innovation Center for Plant-Based Wellness and Pharma Products

Green Vision Center™ is first-of-ot-kind production and innovation center covering all the infrastructure, facilities, and activities required for developing, manufacturing, and bringing to market innovative plant-based wellness and pharma products.


A Place for Plant-Based Production & Innovation

The Green Vision Center™ will include facilities and infrastructure for: 


  • Manufacturing nutritional supplements
  • Manufacturing pharma plant-based products & botanical drugs
  • Manufacturing cannabis, cannabinoids, and related products
  • Manufacturing natural cosmetics
  • Manufacturing healthy snacks & beverages
  • Research and development lab for product development, clinical trials, and testing
  • Quality control lab (QC)
  • Distribution area for local and global distribution and logistics services
  • Management & consultant offices
  • International Visitor Complex, training center and conference center.

Unique Design

The Green Vision Center™ was designed by Avner Sher, one of Israel’s most highly regarded architects 

The design includes a unique roof in the shape of a lotus flower and will be built with solar panels and according to ecological green principles of saving energy.


Our Mission

Our mission is to become a leading worldwide production and innovation center for plant-based wellness and pharma products and to bring partners, market leaders, companies, technologies, and scientific collaborations from Israel and around the world.

Become a Green Vision Center™ Partner

We are welcoming business partnerships and collaborations from all around the world.  

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