Ilan Ben Ishay


Ilan Ben-Ishay has been serving as a Director of Citrine Global since February 2020. Mr. Ben-Ishay is a diligent businessman, director, advisory board member, investor, owner, and CEO with over 25 years of experience in taxation, finance, and insurance specialized in advising and leading customers, both private and institutional, on strategy, investment, capital raising, financing, M&A, and IPOs. Mr. Ben-Ishay is a Major in the IDF Reserves. 

He is Chairman and Co-Founder of WealthStone Holdings Group, a long-standing investment body with extensive financial knowledge and experience. WealthStone specializes in alternative investments, real estate, technology, and hedge funds, and manages more than half a billion dollars in investments in Israel alone. 

In addition, Mr. Ben-Ishay is Co-Founder and an active board member of Superb Reality, which integrates machine learning, vision algorithms, AI, imaging optics and 3D into AR and VR imaging devices, and is an investor and shareholder in Nicast Ltd., NanoMedic Ltd., and more. Mr. Ben-Ishay completed accounting studies and is an authorized pension insurance consultant. Mr. Ben-Ishay is based in Israel.

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