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GreenFeels™ product lines include dozens of researched plant-based products and nutritional supplements targeting to promote wellbeing and complementary products for balancing selected side effects caused by medicines, treatments, or an unbalanced lifestyle. 



We used innovative technologies and experience to create the products combining a variety of researched plants, medicinal mushrooms, vitamins , minerals, plant extracts, botanical formulations from seeds, roots, bark, fruits, and a wide variety of plants known for their healing qualities that contain substances with different anti-inflammatory properties and health-supportive effects that are relaxing, sleep enhancing, energizing, mood and body balancing, as well as enhancing oral care, alleviating side effects and more.


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Oral Cavity Care Product Line

SmokLy™ Product Line targets to balance oral cavity dryness side effect, xerostomia.

The SmokLy™ product line of sprays for the oral cavity contains plant extracts distilled from seeds, roots, bark, fruits with active anti-inflammatory substances that encourages saliva production and taste in the oral cavity and can balance the dry mouth side effect (xerostomia) that may result from smoking, using cannabis, medicines, and treatments.

Research shows that 20% percent of the elderly population suffer from xerostomia resulting as side effect from their medications and nearly 70% of users who smoked cannabis experienced constant dry mouth. 


Saliva plays a key role in maintaining oral health. It contains calcium and phosphorus and therefore protects the teeth, prevents bad smell through balancing acidity in the oral cavity resulting from food and bacteria, helps break down food by enzymes and washes food scraps and bacteria. It is therefore important to maintain the saliva level in the mouth.


Benefits of the SmokLy™ Product Line: 

• Made of plant extractions of purely natural ingredients 

• Contain substances that promote saliva production and moisture in the oral cavity

• Convenient to use by spraying into the oral cavity

• Come in 7 different flavors: lemon, strawberry, passion fruit, aniseed, mango, maple, and mint


Medicinal Mushrooms
Product Line

Medicinal Mushrooms Product Line targets to balance important body systems.

The Medicinal Mushrooms Product Line includes synergistic combinations of research-based medicinal mushrooms and herbs composed in an herbalist method and made of purely natural ingredients. 


The products contain dry form, concentrated powders and extracts of mushrooms and herbals researched and found to benefit headaches, changes in blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, and sleep disorders. We are harnessing the power of medicinal mushrooms for restoring nutritional balance and strengthening the immune system and other body systems.

Medicinal mushrooms are mushrooms that have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine. The scientific research of medicinal mushrooms indicates protection of the heart, antioxidant activity, balancing and strengthening the immune and digestive systems, lowering cholesterol and balancing blood sugar, protecting important organs such as the liver, anti-cancer activity, and more. 

Booster Product Line

Booster Product Line targets to provide energy and strength.

The Booster Product Line contains unique research-based ingredients and herbal extracts with a high concentration of antioxidants composed in an herbalist method. 

The Booster Product Line products create a synergistic combination of researched plants and natural ingredients that have been shown to have health supportive anti-inflammatory properties, which strengthen the immune system and contribute to an improved overall feeling.

Imbalance in the body, resulting from poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle, chronic diseases, weakness of the immune system, and side effects of medicines and treatments may lead to recurrent infections, chronic coughing, weakness, and gastrointestinal disorders.

The Booster Family Line includes herbal syrups that are suitable for morning drinking preventively and target to support daily overload as energy and booster products.


 Benefits of the Booster Product Line: 


• Made of easy-to-absorb extracts 

• Suitable for morning drinking as booster and energizer  

• Convenient to use as an herbal syrup

Personal Protection Product Line

Personal Protection Product Line targets to prevent contagion with viruses and bacteria.
The Personal Protection Product Line contains research-based balanced combinations of plants, vitamins and minerals composed in an herbalist method, which together form a shell that supports the proper functioning of many body systems, giving an incentive to the immune system and preventing contagion with viruses and bacteria. 

In the current reality of pandemics, such as the COVID-19, and the widespread use of medicines and treatments it is important to balance and nurture different body systems and to strengthen the immune system.


Benefits of the Personal Protection Product Line: 

• Contain substances that support the proper functioning of many body systems including the immune system

• Convenient to use as a chewable tablet to replenish vitamins and minerals reservoirs in the body

Balance & Calm Product Line

Balance & Calm Product Line for mood and body balancing.


The Balance & Calm Product Line contains research-based herbal formulas composed in an herbalist method including powders and extracts of researched plants that have been demonstrated to have health supporting effects of calming the digestive system, reducing anxiety and fatigue, and improving sleep quality.

Modern lifestyle that includes many tasks and a lot of stress, with a non-optimal diet, can lead to insomnia, fatigue, restlessness, pain, and a particularly sensitive digestive system. All of these can also be side effects of different medicines and treatments. Persistent stress releases toxic substances in the body, which over time create health problems, which may become serious.

In the digestive system there is a huge amount of nerve cells, and this fact explains the connection that is often seen between mental stress, depression, irritability, negative thinking, and phobias to abnormal activity of the digestive system.


The Balance & Calm Product Line targets to restore and maintain emotional and body balance and calm the digestive and other systems of the body. 



Benefits of the Balance & Calm Family Line: 

• Made of plant extractions of purely natural ingredients 

• Contain botanical formulas and substances that promote body and mood balance 

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